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Feb 24, 2013 5:00am PST
with the father who studied with the holy father when he was father ratzinger. he knows him well and we're talking about him today. we want to talk about the interview that is on the website. you said that pope benedict didn't want to be pope. >> seriously, honestly didn't want to be. he really wanted to write, to speak, to give conferences. he's wonderful at that. he's a great teacher. and then he was made archbishop. he accepted that as a burden but he accepted scholarly work. he accepted that. he did not want it, but he accepted it. and he wanted to retire twice because he was over the age, you know. and pope benedict -- he said i want you here. then he figured i can go back and i can work on my theology and then he's elected pope. >> and that's amazing because he was -- he was -- he could be elected pope at any age, but he was boating age then. he was part of that conclave. he came up a winner. >> he did. >> what is he showing by this resignation? it's a remarkable thing. you talkedabout it earlier too. in the press he was presented as stern a
Feb 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
cvardenal josef rat n ratzinger, despuÉs de esperar o por decadas esperaba que la j t justicia quedara. >> barvbba es uno de los 8 ex i legionarios de cristo que acuso aqbusos, se comenzÓ a revelarlo del padre marciel que le decÍan consumia drogas y tenÍa hijos. >> mi primer abuso sucediÓ cu cuan cuÁnto tenÍa 7 aÑos de edad, t estaba costado acostado con el e el calzoncillo y me trata de o violar. >> cuaÁndo muriÓ el pontifice e cardenal ratzinger comenzÓ a v investigarlo y despuÉs lo invito a renunciar al ministerio. >> este comunicado muestra a un ratzinger queriendo hacer pero en verdad no lo hizo. >> el papÁ fallo al enfrentar o los casos de pederaztstria de i ieg iglesia. >> esto tenÍa que hacerlo sin el reclamo universal. >> dice que se rindiÓ ante los l legionarios de cristo o algunos cardenales que al sentirse am a amenazado habiÍan ordenado ro l robarle documentos de su ifof n oficina. >> con eso le estoy diciendo, Úu me pegas y yo te pego m2 vveces. >> es que al escvandalo de los a abusos sexuales se suman la c s crisis economÍa ca de estpo. >> r
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
for the doctrine of the faith. in that role, he was a cardinal and known as cardinal ratzinger. at that time, back in the 1970's and 1980's, the victims were speaking up and coming forward and trying to get some semblance of justice. more important, they wanted to prevent other children from going through what they had been through. so they contacted the people in the vatican and cardinal ratzinger was involved. he had the opportunity to intervene, remove father murphy from his position in the priesthood, and cardinal ratzinger chose not to do that. there are letters, apparently, father murphy started writing to cardona ratzinger and asked that he be permitted to live out the rest of his life as a priest in good standing. cardinal ratzinger made the decision that that was more important than ensuring the safety of children or try and heal those who they knew had been violated by father murphy. i think that is unfortunately the legacy that pope benedict left for us, one with words but not action. something simple like today, and in these last two weeks, we would even encouraged pope benedict to use
Feb 27, 2013 4:00pm PST
learned about it, and ratzinger did nothing for ten years. he was so close to john paul, too, that he took him on plane rides with him and did everything he could to support him. when the news came out about what a horrendous person he was ratzinger said he has done so much for the church, how can we attack him? by good for the church, he meant that he raised lots of money. he raised more money than anyone else in the church. he was close toed bloody dictator of peru, who tortured and killed over a thousand priests, nuns, and lay workers during his reign. and so, that connection is there. it cannot be erased. and ratzinger it stops at his desk. >> cenk: it sounds like you're describing a fundamentally corrupt church, would you go that far? >> absolutely. journalists are doing that. every day there is a new scandal. as a theologian, i see this, in fact, as good news. i think the holy spirit has given us two sk. >> joy: smatic folks and we can start the church all over again. we can go back to the real teachings of jesus. it's about love and justice. it's not complicated. and we don't need t
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 11:00am PST
ratzinger, took the vatican to the greatest event in the last hundred years was properly understand. >> paul: the second vatican council. >> the second vatican council, he was creating a roll your own catholocism and ratzinger want today clarify it's rooted in the traditions of the catholic church. >> paul: engage in the modern world in the catholics terms. >> after all, this is the pope on twitter the first time. it wasn't all about that, but it's about the future. he did a lot of outreach to china's catholics and traveled a lot for a pope of his age and started to tackle some of the more difficult scandals of the church such as the child abuse cases. >> paul: what should the church to be looking for when you look at the cardinals and the the next pope, mary? >> i hope they look for a pope that can reinvague rate the church where it's ailing, namely europe and the united states and if you look at the top ten catholic countries in the the world. brazil, the philippines, poland and eastern europe and kongo, whereas the united states our catholic population is about a quarter of the united sta
Feb 11, 2013 10:00am PST
, but knowing cardinal ratzinger, it's not such a surprise. >> greg, what are the next steps from inside the vatican as you begin this extraordinary process, the historic process that we have only seen in our lifetime several teams, but certainly we've mefr seen in abdication. >> right. it's not all that much different. there's a saying that the romans say. the one pope dies and you make a new one, and that's sort of true this time around as well. essentially living in monastery on vatican grounds. what happens now they'll start preparing the onclaif and they'll be finishing the monastery. they've been remodeling it, and they'll be finishing the monastery to which the pope will go, of course. it's unprecedented from that point of view, but i think there's a bright note on this and that is that the pope finally gets to do what he has wanted to do for the better part of 25 years, which is go and study, read his books, reflect, and pray. >> and have you seen from your perspective have you seen him cutting back on travel, on some of the more own russ duties because of health reasons in recen
Feb 27, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> alberto ex savcerdote catÓlio y hoy duro critico seÑala que a jo joseph ratzinger se le puede u acusar de este delito. >> los crimeÍmenes contra la i humanidad, solamente pueden i r ingresar a la esfera, cuando el estado en cuestiÓn debido a su i indiferencia, o complicidad, no ha podido o se ha negado ponerle fin a los crimeÍmenes. >> la posibilidad de unirse al c coronel que reclama el pre3ffec de la congregaciÓn de la doctri doctrina de la fe, no es lej a lejana. >> es posible crear o habrÁn u grupos de perassonas preparada p para decir esto, se puede hacer un juicio. >> pero la sombra que una mha mo la lucha de estos hombres e. a >> el me>> el >> el me>> e >> los estudiosos de la fe tambiÉn discrepan de po posibilidades de ver e benedicto xvi en un tribunal. >> Él es el arbque sacudiÓ eÁrbl de frutos prohibidos, tanta v t victoria no puede terminar en un fracaso. >> (silbidos( as prsi las pres n dmuestran, la crisis podrÍa f c fractuarrar aÚn mÁs a la igles c catoÓlica. >> hasta religiosos y como Él ha dicho que tendrÁ que ser alguien mÁs joven quien lleg
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
perjudicar el dialogo con las comunidades musulmanas, judÍas y las iglesias cristianas. joseph ratzinger, naciÓ un 16 de abril de 1927 en alemania viene de una familia de agricultores y aunque nunca se sintiÓ de un solo lugar ya que le toco mudarse en varias ocasiones siempre se describio Ó como "un hijo de alemania". ratzinger formÓ parte de las juventudes hitlerianas durante la segunda guerra mundial, cuando la participaciÓn era obligatoria. nunca fue miembro del partido nazi y su familia se opuso al rÉgimen de adolf hitler. de 1946 a 1951, aÑo en que fue ordenado sacerdote e iniciaba su actividad de profesor, estudiÓ filosofi Ía y teologia en la universidad de munich y en la escuela superior de filosofi Ía y teologia de freising. de alli en adelante comenzÓ su carrera en la iglesia cato Ólica, escribiendo varios libros tambiÉn fue nombrado cardenal por el papa pablo vi en 1977. elegido en el 2005 para suceder al enormemente popular juan pablo ii asumiendo el nombre benedicto xvi viajÓ regularmente, realizando alrededor de cuatro itinerarios al aÑo, pero nunca pudo atrae
Feb 11, 2013 8:00pm PST
northern as cardinal ratzinger as a defendant. as cardinal ratzinger served as the head of the powerful congregation for the doctrine of the faith, an office known in earlier years as the inquisition. church records indicate ratzinger was aware of father murphy's abuse, yet murphy remained a priest until his death in 1998. of course, murphy was just the tip of the iceberg. in fact, as the documentary reports, from 2001 on, every single priest sexual abuse case came directly to ratzinger. >> as a result of terry's lawsuit, documents were uncovered revealing the role of rome in the worldwide sex abuse scandal that caught the attention of "the new york times." >> these documents seemed to turn the whole story that we had been writing all these years on its head. up until then, what we thought was that american bishops were at fault. with these documents, for the first time we saw communication between american bishops and in particular the office run by then cardinal ratzinger in which the american bishops are pleading with officials in the vatican repeatedly, saying help us get this pries
Feb 28, 2013 7:00am PST
informÓ al juan pablo ii, o a ratzinger? quÉ siente ahora verlo salir del papado? >>> he asimilado la renuncia de Él porque dijo que presentaria su renuncia una vez que no se sienta capaz de continuar en el cargo. ahora bien, me es difÍcil en breves segundos expresarte lo que me preguntas, mi reacciÓn es doble, primeramente creo que ha hecho lo correcto en presentar la renuncia ahora que estÁ en la completa capacidad de sus capacidades mentales y fÍsicas, una cosa es la que Él dijo, las razones por la que presentÓ su dimisiÓn, y otras las que no dijo, las razones profundas que le movieron a tomar esta decisiÓn. y ante esto no quiero entrar en especulaciones pero sÍ hay un hecho claro, y es que el desde el aÑo que comenzÓ a funcionar como prefecto de la congregaciÓn de la doctrina de la fe, supo toda la documentaciÓn que mande yo al vaticano a travÉs de los canales diplomÁticos, y volvimos a mandar un grupo de vÍctimas de maciel en el aÑo 97. y desde ese momento el cardenal ratzinger tuvo esta informaciÓn, y si bien recuerdas, cuando dio la entrevista al jornalis sea
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am PST
joseph ratzinger was touched by the charges of child abuse in the catholic church. bill: what happens next on the dates that are aren't? >> reporter: he's leaving february 28, 8:00 p.m. local time in rome. that leaves that very important vacancy and sets up a conclave of cardinals. vatican says by mid-march at the latest. vatican says we should have a new pope by esther sunday march 31. pope benedict will not take part in the conclave. usually a conclave happens after a pope dies. 1415 was the last time a pope quit in office. who is the next pope? he could come from developing areas of the world. it guarantees a lot of drama and a lot of black or white smoke coming from the roof is sistine chapel. march report concerns about the pope's health surfaced this past christmas eve. have it can watchers say he looked frail as he delivered the midnight mass. here he is riding in a motorized cart. the mass is moved up two hours to give the pope time to rest for the christmas day speech. he took the opportunity to urge peace in the middle east during the holidays and was looking rather frail at
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
. german cardinal joseph ratzinger was 78 years old when he became pope in april 2005 following the death of pope john paul ii. he was the oldest person to become pontiff in 275 years. benedict xvi was a conservative pope, he strongly opposed to birth control, but he embraced new forms of communication and joined twitter last year. pope benedict faced a string of challenges during his term from sexual abuse scandals involving the members of the clergy to an investigation into money laundering in vatican city. a court convicted his former butler last year of stealing and leaking classified documents that pointed to corruption in the vatican. the pope pardoned him over christmas. it's rare for a pope to resign. pope benedict is the first to quit in nearly 600 years. senior members of the catholic church will now start planning their conclave, the meeting they hold to choose a successor. >>> police in the united states are investigating yet another case of gun violence. pop ben fikt benedict xvi will be one of the most religious thinkers of the age. >> the president says he has warm memories
Feb 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> joseph ratzinger confía que su renuncia no perjudirá a la iglesia. >> deben pasar entre 15 y 20 días para este proceso y podemos esperar que comience cualquier día. >> amanece una nueva era para el catolicimos y reconocer su limitación como él mismo hizo al renunciar. >> si no puede con el cargo, mejor renunciar a tiempo. >> para ir metiéndose en clima, los cardenales comenzaron con las rondas. >> el 27 de febrero es la última audiencia pública. >> regresamos a los estudios. >> tuve la oportunidad de conversar con el cardenal lozano y él dijo que papa benedicto xvi sí hizo todo lo posible para aplicar la ley a sacerdotes pederastas y dijo que había enviado a ninguno a la cárcel. >> yo puedo acusar a cualquier de ser el bandido número uno del mundo y tengo que probarlo y no hay por qué proceder. >> pero usted sabe que él estuvo al tanto de todo. >> usted está prejuiciando y así no nos entendemos. >> usted sabe cual es el porcentaje de pedófilos, lo ha comparado con el porcentaje de los padres de familia que hacen lo mismo. >> ¿qué ha hecho para enfrentar a los sacerdotes
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
. mantendra su nombre, vivirá en el vaticano, se niega aquí que habrá dos papas. ratzinger consulto a varios para saber como sera su vestimenta. será simple, de blanco. no usará los zapatos rojos que tiene actualmente , pero vestira unos marrones regalados en jalisco >>en las ultimas horas, no fue ajeno al panorama político de italia. al saber que ningun partido logro la mayoría, para la santa sede es importante, pues se busca relaciones cordiales cualquiera sea el gobernante en turno >>ya fueron entregados 50 mil boletos para asistir a la plaza san pedro, en este caso mantendra encuentro con representantes de san marino, andorra y su pueblo >>conclave, reunion secreta conj llave donde se elige el papa, quien puede ser papa, cuaquiera persona bautizada 115 cardenales son quienes pueden votar, 96 no lo harán porque exceden la edad. el más demorado ha sido pio xi duro 5 dias y 14 votaciones, pio xii, 24 horas. papa benedicto xvi, dos dias, 4 votaciones. como dato curioso, el más demorado gregorio décimo, que duro tres años, antes de ser electo papa. >>un tema a discutir es la despropo
Feb 12, 2013 12:35am EST
stepped out on the balcony joseph ratzinger chosen to succeed john paul ii who reigned as pope for 25 years. >> he had a hard act to follow. >> a very difficult act. >> reporter: father james marten is editor at large of the magazine "america". >> he is the beloved professor. >> reporter: benedict was a shy man with a great reputation in the church. a theologian a strong advocate for a return to tradition in the face of the modern world. but these were hard years for the catholic church and the pope. there was the agony of the sex abuse scandal in several countries. timothy dolan reflected on the toll of it all. >> when he speaks about the church, when he speaks about christian life they are the most noble, loving, the most elevated sentiments you can have. and for him to see the troubles, the corruption, the scandals that have always inflicted members of the church that's got to weigh on him. >> reporter: another scandal, his personal butler stole a trove of his private correspondence and leaked it to the media. >> he was an incredible shepherd and just someone i would look to as one
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm EST
vez en 600 años un papa saliente no va a la tumba, joseph ratzinger se ira a castel gandolfo y no se concrecatarán los 9 días de luto luego de una muerte de un papa y las especulaciones dicen que para mediados de marzo, los cardenales electores podrían estar votando y que para mediados de la pascua estarían ya con un nuevo papa. >> en esta casa que por un lado parece tener tres pidos, pero de lado muestra que tiene cuatro y es una casa en los jardines del vaticano, el monasterio es una casa que el papa visita con frecuencia, y ahora lo curiosos es que la santa sede dijo que la renuncia fue sorpresiva y la duda se asoma cuando este martes se sabe que esta casa lleva meses con renovación del retiro del papa en mente, esas imágenes dan cuenta de los trabajos de construcción que se hacían ahí. >> la mayoría serían los votantes, vamos con el responsal para ver qué cambios habrían. >> este selecto grupo de hombres de 48 países se reunirán para elegir al nuevo papa. >> se piensa que sea todo espiritual. >> pero el profesor de religión dice que la votación no tiene nada
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm PST
, clearly frail and feeble. his older brother, father georg ratzinger, said today benedict is having trouble walking and had been advised by his doctors to stop traveling overseas. benedict will relinquish his papacy on february 28th. >> today's decision by benedict xvi came as a huge surprise to me, and, i think, to everyone in rome and everyone in the vatican. >> reporter: as a cardinal, joseph ratzinger was known as john paul ii's enforcer of religious doctrine. he did not like answering questions. here's abc's brian ross asking him about a sexual abuse case in 2002. >> reporter: the question was -- >> come to me when the moment is given. but not yet. >> reporter: in his almost eight-year-olds as pope, he would sometimes play the piano. he always wore his prada-style red shoes. but his passion was preaching the gospel. he's never enjoyed being an administrator and he paid a price for that. his papacy will be remembered for its scandals. those endless sexual abuse coverups that cost more than $3 billion to settle. a string of financial scandals. benedict tried and failed to clean up corrup
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm PST
one it faced eight years ago when it chose cardinal ratzinger then. then he appeared to be the heir apparent.en he this time, scott, there isn'the one. >> pelley: mark, thank you very much.'t mark just mentioned cardinal timothy dolan, the archbishop of new york. he sat down with us earlier today. were you surprised this morning? >> was i ever startled! y yes, i was! >> pelley: what's next? this hasn't happened in nearly six hundred years.s ne >> this hasn't happened in six centuries, has it?a now we know what happens when the pope dies. whether the same protocol will click in, i don't know. di i'll be waiting to see.t i would presume what would happen is that the cardinal colleges will be summoned too rome to be there for march 1 because once the chair is vacant, by church law the college of cardinals would be -- would oversee the day in/day out pastoral leadership andan governance of the church universal. >> pelley: the pope was very conservative in a doctornal sort of way. when a lot of american catholicsy ha are looking for a pope to lead into a new era maybe for women in the ch
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
names. two west african cardinals. and the canadian mark walette. acardinal ratzinger is pope benedict xvi. he was on the short list. if you look at the current short list, remember this. looking at the west africans and the canadian. there has not been a non- european pulp in -- including cardinal ratzinger. there has not been a non- europeans since the middle ages. something like 780. that is working against the three on that short list. that is the latest. >> thank you. for continuing coverage on the pope's resignation, go to our website, you can track can take a look back in his career and learn about his legacy on the abuse scandal. >> here's a look at other top stories. baltimore city police have made an arrest in a homicide 0 -- a woman found dead inside her home. jennifer conyers was found dead in her home but she died of head trauma, police said. a man was driving her car and use your atm card and admitted to using cocaine and heroin. carter met her using an online dating site but said he had not seen her for several weeks. the mayor is calling for sweeping changes
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
de su retiro desde hace tetres meses. >> el era neutral. >> joseph ratzinger se trasla r trasladar'Ña hasta castel gandoo en las afueras de roma, solo m temporalmente y llevarÁ una vida de claustruo. >> el bepapa benedicto xvi tuv q que convivir con el recuerdo n constante de spapa juan pablo i con quien la gente lo recuerda c con mucho cariÑ'o. >con, agosto lgho que lo llena de emociÓn y le mantiene p presente su bankaja popularida g popularidadluepopularidadlue. >> ahora se preguntanto todos, u ku¿cuÁl es ella causa de esto?. >> estÁ bien claro que el amb t ambinambine ambiente no contribuye a que h y haya mayor tranquilidad. >> mucohos pinee >> mucohos pinensan que la re i renuncia del bepapa benedicto x colocara a la iglesia en un si u situacioin de iÓn de crisis, p e es contrario. >> hay quienes dicen que la r u renunciap odria podrÍa ser rese unac conspiraciÓn. >> en un alto grado, a la mas e masoneria iluminista que es la m masoneria que no se ve, que a u actÚa moviendo vilos. >> para mucohos esto no fue la a causa de su renuncia. >;> los que dicen que r
Feb 28, 2013 7:00am PST
cardinal ratzinger was the front-runner for pope. >> he was the guy to beat. it was ratzinger versus not ratzinger. there is no obvious candidate. and they don't know each other very well. more than half of them have been appointed by this pope in the last eight years. so, they have to get to know each other. and then, see who's for whom before they can -- form a consensus. >> discussions have begun even though the conclave hasn't met yet. you pointed out that more than half were chosen by pope benedict. that means he's going to have some influence on the choice, even though he pledged to stay out of it. >> and he pledges to pray for them and hopes that the holy spirit leads them in the right direction. which is interesting, george. in the past, he said the holy spirit didn't have much to do with the conclaves. he didn't want to blame the holy spirit for a bad pope. it is a time when people really don't know what's going to happen. and that makes it exciting but also a little bit scary. the secretary of state -- former secretary of state, who greeted the pope this morning, the dean,
Feb 25, 2013 4:00pm PST
and europeans. they were very much in place under pope benedict xvi when he was cardinal joseph ratzinger. maybe it's time for someone outside of rome, who is not engrained in this culture, mabe it's time from someone from a developing nation, someone else to clean house. >> raymond, a former catholic friar in england spoke to christia christiane amanpour, and what he said, it really stuck with me. i wanted to play it for you. his name is mark dowd. >> homosexuality is the ticking time bomb in the catholic church. on the one hand, the church teaches that the condition of same-sex attraction is intrinsically disordered, those are ratzinger's own words from 1996, but we know about half if not all of people attracted to the seminaries are gay themselves. >> ratzinger is pope benedict. is this true? >> i think you have to step back for a second, erin. this is hardly a news flash. father donald cousins wrote about this 20 years ago. father andrew greely coined the phrase lavender mafia talking about a subculture within the catholic church. but barbie was quite right. this is focusing the electorate's
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am PST
it's going to be a moment of pivot. i think it's probably planned. i think benedict, joseph ratzinger wanted to be pope last team. he planned to do it. he gave a mark anthony speech. we all heard it during the funeral, which we covered last time. it looks to me like basically he has a 67 voters, majority of voters, in the college of cardinals that he has appointed personally. i think they'll be watching who he wants. if he wants this fellow skoela, he is going to get him. >> it's not the ora of the papacy itself, and you, i think rightfully so, say that the decision could open up a period of soul-searching in the catholic church has, in fact, badly needed. >> right. that point about the most modern thing he did is a quote from michael sean winters, a very smart watcher and student of the catholic church. you know, i was listening to chris, and i think he has the politics broadly right, but this is kind of macciavelli versus the holy spirit here. >> which one? >> exactly. >> i don't represent the holy spirit. i just want to say those are the two views. because he is right. skola is the
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm PST
. stepping down because this man ratzinger really wanted to be pope. that's a great story in "the atlantic" the year of two popes. look it up from 2006. talking about the years he spent inching toward being the pope. he was very close with pope john paul and spent years making himself seem like an intellectual massive figure so the others in the vatican look to him as the number two and starting the process, he was considered the favorite to win. you know, i mean, john paul was mr. outside. right? he would go out on the balcony. ratzinger is always mr. inside. everybody inside the vatican had great respect for him. i'm interested to see what happens with this process. we'll never know what actually happens inside that room and we know it's an election of a very small town and everybody knows everybody. you can't out wardly campaign. you can't ambitious but there's subtle ways of campaigning and ratzing ratzinger to benedict campaigned. >> steve did all day. >> i'm the right age. >> call him now? >> and the right religion. >> 42 years. you know, what's interesting to me about this is you're
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 184 (some duplicates have been removed)